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Author Topic: Alternative Neutopia Randomizer  (Read 752 times)


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Alternative Neutopia Randomizer
« on: February 02, 2021, 07:52:17 am »
I made a romhack recently to show how the spheres (worlds) could be randomized to make the game feel closer to the original, progressing from sphere to sphere instead of having all 4 of them open from the beginning.

There are three things I would want to have in an alternative randomizer compared to the current randomizer:

1. Require all 8 bosses be defeated to open the door to the final boss, not just the last 2.
2. Make the available weapon and armor upgrades match the difficulty of the enemies in each sphere.
3. Limit the bell (a skeleton key item) to the final area, and keep the bell as a requirement to get the strongest sword.

I helped with the hacking to make the current Neutopia randomizer, but konkers did all the programming, I don't know how to code. I know where to find everything in the ROM that I want to randomize, but not how to randomize them. So, if anyone is interested in working on a new randomizer, or a new romhack of Neutopia, or if you have any fun ideas for the next Neutopia rom hack, let me know! :)