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Author Topic: [Help Me Hack - Sega Genesis] Tile Patterns Edition?  (Read 738 times)


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[Help Me Hack - Sega Genesis] Tile Patterns Edition?
« on: February 01, 2021, 02:32:17 pm »
Hi all,

Let me reintroduce myself. TA Marcos Translations here. FIFA Soccer 2020 and Super Monaco GP 2019 romhacker for Sega Genesis.

I am currently working on my latest project "UEFA Champions League 2021", a hack from J-League Pro Striker 2.
As many of you know, the original game was released only in Japan, so almost the full game is in Japanese.
I am having a hard time adapting some screens from original Japanese Kanji to Spanish because of the limitation of characters.
But this is not the big issue. The main problem is happening in a couple of screens (maybe three or four). There are "forced" tile orders or tile patterns (or tile maps?) those Kanji have. I don't know how this is called.

I understand that because it is pointless to repeat the same tile on and on and it is a good idea to save ROM space. Sega Japan used to do that very often.

In this case, Kanji here is not shown as plain text. Just compressed images that can be perfectly editable with a Tile Editor. The point is, in a particular screen, when I am editing Japanese city names and I want to modify to European football team initials, they are not shown properly. I have to say that every single Kanji syllable is 2x2 tiles.

First of all, there is a programmed space between japanese Kanji "syllables". For instance Kawasaki (in Kanji) it is shown Kawa   Saki in the screen, but all-together in the Tile Editor. So if I want to insert CHE (initials for Chelsea), it is shown in the screen like this: CH   E or  C  HE.

Second, there are Kanji syllables that are shown once in the editor (of course, they need to save space). For instance, I can edit Hiroshima, but if I modify something related to the "Shima" Kanji syllable, it is gonna be used in Kashima as well. Same for Yokohama two teams, Yokohama Flugels and Yokohama Marinos. Yokohama is shown once in the Tile editor and it is programmed to be shown where they need.

So that's the question: Is there any way to avoid these orders where these spaces between characters are programmed and manipulate these tile patterns (or tile maps - whatever you call it)?

Thanks in advance


TA Marcos Translations

TA Marcos Translations, working professionally since 2015.


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Re: [Help Me Hack - Sega Genesis] Tile Patterns Edition?
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2021, 04:11:59 pm »
Hmmm, TA Marcos, I think Script forum you will get some help on this.

Maybe some admin may move to you.

Edit with some images to best show your problem.

Use [img...][/img]  (Without the commas) and put the link between the code.

Nelson  :police:
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