Castlevania DoS Accessory Resistances + HD Hitbox Data Help

Started by Masked Dedede, January 31, 2021, 10:44:48 AM

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Masked Dedede

I need some help regarding DoS' accessory resistances not working for some reason. I'll be using my Definitive Edition+ hack to show what I mean.

Here I only have the Count's Ring (Satan's Ring) equipped, which has Poison and Curse resistances, and I still got both status ailments from the Tanjelly. This doesn't happen with body gear, and to make this even weirder is that in AoS accessory resistances DO work as intended. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this they would be greatly appreciated.


OK, now to the second thing I need a bit of help with; some hitbox data about Harmony of Despair, specifically Richter and Maria's jump kick hitboxes.

I've been working on hack of PoR for a while now (which is pretty much complete now), and one of the various things it modifies is that it gives Richter and Maria their jump kick animations from HD, I've made hitboxes for both of these animations, but I'd rather go with what hitboxes HD has.
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