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NES Games Disassembly (possible requests)

Started by Cyneprepou4uk, January 30, 2021, 04:53:55 PM

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Hi Cyneprepou4uk,

What do you think about any of these?

  • Super Bat Puncher
  • Micro Mages
  • Maniac Mansion


Never played them, so I don't have any opinion.


Maybe these games?

- The Legend of Zelda (FDS)
- Metroid (FDS)

Dracula X

Excitebike for NES!

This file is include the CDL file and movie file.
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@Brutapode89, not interested, especially in FDS.

@Dracula X, your link is not working.

Dracula X

Back to Thunder Force II hacking again.


Pretty good job. Pause/unpause function was basically the only thing missing from logging.

I've added Exitebike disassembly to Github.

Dracula X

Back to Thunder Force II hacking again.


- The Dragon Quest quadrilogy (NES)
- DuckTales 1 & 2 (NES)
- Batman (NES)


Ah? Must we do it? Not you, in fact?


I understand making people go through hoops to get a disassembly for a weird game but why not provide disassemblies for the most popular games on NES at least. If you're willing to do them just do them.


@Brutapode89, you need to meet my requirements if you want to have a chance of me doing it for you, otherwise do it yourself. I know for a fact that you are still a noob, which fails condition 2. Posting some random games here won't do you any good.

@pleasejust, that's not what I'm interested in. I'm disassembling games on a whim. Some popular games already have a disassembly. And since I'm yet to see what romhackers will do about their accepted requests, which are Solctice, Ice Climber and Excitebike, I need to be more strict about accepting next ones.


Haha sorry, its just been a one hell of a year for me, and I've had some other projects in the works before/during when you accepted my request which came out of nowhere, I do have worked on something with the Solstice disassembly but its not something I want to rush or get burned out of, there is just only so much time I have outside work and IRL BS so the progress has been slow, but steady.  :angel:

Dracula X

The Guardian Legend NES

This file is include the CDL file and 2 movie files.
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At first I'd like to see your Excitebike hack, and also to hear your ideas about your future The Guardian Legend hack.

Dracula X

I converted Excitebike to MMC5, and I'm wondering is it possible to add tracks from FDS version.

The Guardian Legend Ideas:
On the map, change the color to a different color on the map, so the player won't get lost and confused.
Expand the level data and the corridor data. Corridor is the only thing that I don't know how to do, or I think it's both. It's in bank 2 I think.
New Bosses with different colors and behavior.
Upgrade Power ups to make them even stronger.
Upgrade the gun power to be stronger.
Second Quest.
There might be more ideas that I have in the future.

The Guardian Legend is the reason why I'm converting ROMs to MMC5.
Back to Thunder Force II hacking again.


QuoteI converted Excitebike to MMC5

An MMC5 convertion is not a valid reason for making a disassembly in my opinion, especially since original game doesn't have any bankswitching routines to start with. This could easily be done with a simple hex editing, and MMC5 hack by itself is basically worthless. So until you make something cool with my disassembly, I'm not doing more request for you.


Alrighty, I got a game to request, one that should be - hopefully - simple. It's Pac-Man! Specifically, Pac-Man (J) (V1.1) [!]. Here is the CDL file and a meaty FM2 movie. The movie file lets the attract and demo play through, then I play a single player game up to the far Key levels, at which point the game just loops the same level over and over again until you run out of lives or turn off the console. (There is no "level 256" glitch in this game!) After that I do a quick 2-player session, then the movie ends. The "PRG not logged" percentage was a little over 20%, but that's probably because most of the ROM is empty space! This game was released fairly early on in the life of the Famicom, and doesn't use any mappers. I picked this specific version of the game over the (U) version because V1.1 does fix a few bugs, but they used the older version of the game to make the (U) version. The only real changes between (J) and (U) are the ghost names in the attract screen and the use of NAMCOT instead of NAMCO, both of which can be easily remedied.

For what I would use this for, I am planning on making a ROM hack that adds loads of new levels to the game, rather than the same level over and over again with difficulty tweaks. Yes, I could do this in Ms. Pac-Man, but I didn't want to use the Ms. Pac-Man content (e.g. the bouncing fruit, the different intermissions), since I did that before a few years back. I already have a good idea for how to load the other levels; rather than use a single constant for the level data address, there will be a table of 32 entries. Then, the value for the current round number is masked off to the lowest 5 bits (0 to 31), shifted to the left by 1 (e.g. multiply by 2), then used as an offset into the table to get the level data address. I'd also like to look into why the ghost AI kind of breaks down at the highest levels; they get stuck in Scatter mode for a very long time, then go into Chase mode for a short burst, before being stuck in Scatter mode again until the player loses a life or the level is cleared. And, I do want to do some deep graphical work, namely in making the intermissions use different tiles than main gameplay, so I can have more appropriately-scaled sprites for gameplay, and arcade-accurate visuals for the intermissions. There's plenty of space in the CHR area to fit these in, then it's mainly a matter of editing the intermission code/sprite data to use these. Possibly with a new palette as well!