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Author Topic: Translations: Brazilian Portuguese Translation of Dragon Warrior - NES  (Read 1496 times)


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Update By: TeacherGus

A new Brazilian-Portuguese translation of Dragon Warrior for the NES has popped up by TeacherGus! The game is entirely playable in the state it's in, with menus, story, and dialogues 100% translated (without diacritics).

As per usual, the author has chosen to not translate items, skills/spells or monsters' names, considering the niche of Brazilian players who find it to be strange to see everything in Portuguese, after having grown up in the late 80s and early 90s and having the English words for those terms learned as canon.

The LeiaMe.txt file included shows all the steps for proper patching of the USA version. This translation has only come to fruition thanks to the influences of q8fft, NaittoDragneel, and KeikoReturns, each to whom the author is deeply grateful.

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