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Gamecube ISO hacks!

Started by thunderstorm910, December 24, 2016, 07:29:30 PM

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Hi everybody, I'm new to the forums and I just wanted to shed some light on a couple of Gamecube hacks, namely:

Skies of Arcadia Hard Mode -by Tortigar


Pokemon XG : NeXt Gen -by StarsMmd

I tested both hacks and they work on both Nintendont and Dolphin. Played through the whole of the SoA Hard Mode hack. Good stuff.

I was also wondering if you guys know of any other extensive Gamecube hacks like these. Those are the only two I've found searching the internet, and the Gamecube hacks section here on the site is quite slim.



This most recently came up at,22669 .

As noted therein, Smash Bros. Melee has been extensively tinkered with.
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Yeah, the most extensive hack of Melee would probably be the 20XX Hack Pack, which makes training for competitive battling a lot easier, with a lot of other cool features too.


I'm noticing that Gamecube hacks don't really have their own page where they're all gathered in one place, but rather, they're spread around in their respective communities, e.g. Skies, Smash, Pokemon.


Nice. Be sure to share other GC romhacks if you stumble across any! I'm very interested in those.

Browsing around (and by browsing around I mean going through the internet with a fine-tooth comb) I found some, if not hacks, game-altering codes for GC games. - SoA hack by Maeson, the guy is a hero - SoA HD texture pack, unfinished but very nice - TTYD difficulty AR and Gecko codes - played a full game with one of these - x1.5 enemy and boss health was a nice change - Colosseum randomizer - Sunshine multiplayer, actually works fine, but is kinda janky

Hope this makes it easier to find some nice GC hacks, and I hope people post more hacks that they manage to unearth. It's still a relatively young modding community I understand, and a bit split up into separate camps.


I found a very nice melee mod that makes me feel ultimate called "super smash bros melee OP" if it were in any section i

would say improvement. website source is the hack itself can also be found there to.


Awhile ago i found a "Kirby Air Ride" hack pack that i find enjoy able (literally just called Kirby Air Ride Hack pack v1.0)


In the video that you posted from youtube can't find the link in the description can you please share the hack for Kirby Air Ride where can I found it to try it on Gamecube?