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Struggling to find graphics in a GBA game

Started by ElusiveEllie, January 21, 2021, 03:56:26 AM

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Hello, I'm trying to edit some graphics in a game called Yugioh - Eternal Duelist Soul. However, whenever I open the ROM in a tile editor, I can't find any of the graphics I'm looking for. It's all a garbled mess that's impossible to make any sense of. I've gone through the set and found some graphics like the outlines of cards, but I can't find the card portraits, which is what I'm trying to change. I don't know if they're too big to make sense of, or if they're just not stored in the place I'm trying to look.

Using the Map Viewer in VGA-M, I've found that the portraits are backgrounds when running the room, but I don't know what to do with that information and everything I'm finding in tutorials is small sprite stuff. How do I proceed from here?

Thank you for your help =)


Are you familiar with compression?  As the GBA had support for LZ77 compression in its BIOS, compressed graphics are not uncommon.  See for instance .
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I tried using the decompressor and it told me there were 0 compressed offsets in the rom I'm using.


Okay, I think I figured out a flaw in my plan... The portraits are REALLY hecking big. Each portrait consists of 9x10 tiles which aren't placed in order, of course... I'm not really sure how to advance from here, I can't even find a single tile relating to one portrait I'm looking at amongst all this mess. I'm using YY-CHR, the 2019 build, and I can find small spritework, but not the large portraits in the game. They're just too big to differentiate from each other.

If I could look at them all using the color palettes from the game, it'd be one thing, but every tile is shown with the same color palette, so differentiating between them is near-impossible...


To be clear: if the graphics are compressed, they will not show up in a tile editor.

If the decompressor discussed in the thread I linked to didn't work, then it is still entirely possible that the graphics are compressed in a way that the program does not immediately recognize.
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Well, I found graphics that weren't compressed, that's why I don't think any of it is compressed. I could be wrong though, I've never worked with graphics before.

I just think the tiles are so small relative to the size of what I'm trying to edit that I'm unable to pick out a single tree in a forest.


Just because some of the graphics aren't compressed absolutely does not mean that all of them are not compressed.
It's common to find a small few uncompressed graphics even in heavily-compressed games.
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I am the creator of the only hack of this game, here you have a link to my hack:

Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you :(
All card artworks and character portraits are somehow heavily compressed and I have no idea how... I tried many times how it was compressed, but without success :(

Card atworks start at the offset 0x2A75E0
Each card atworks weighs 10E0 bytes

The only option to add new cards is to move cards from the Worldwide Edition, which are not in EDS, because the Worldwide Edition uses the same compression method.

An interesting fact is that on the Japanese versions, the cards atwork are not compressed.

Sorry for my english, i'm polish ;)