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Author Topic: Locating map palettes in Final Fantasy II (NES)?  (Read 578 times)

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Locating map palettes in Final Fantasy II (NES)?
« on: January 03, 2021, 01:36:26 am »
A while ago, I made a simple hack for my own personal use that changes a lot of Final Fantasy I's map palettes to give them more character. Particularly the towns, since they tend to just share a single, extremely plain and bland palette despite that the game is programmed in such a way as to fully support unique palettes for each town.

I would like to do something similar for Final Fantasy II (and perhaps make some other changes as well), especially since II doesn't even have area-specific NPC palettes in most cases; it's decidedly a visual downgrade from Final Fantasy I in this respect.
(EDIT: This is actually wrong; Final Fantasy II does have a good variety of area palettes and decent variety in area-specific NPC palettes. I'd still like to be able to make my own changes, though.)

To this end, I'm curious to know where and how the game stores its map palettes. I'd imagine it's probably in the same format as FFI, since the games were developed very close together and programmed by the same guy, but Jade only supports editing the World Map palette, and I can't find any documentation on what sorts of structures I should be looking for in a hex editor to do it the hard/brute force way (which I am entirely willing to do!) Final Fantasy II in general is woefully underdocumented on Data Crystal compared to its successor and predecessor, actually... I mean, it's not that I don't understand why that is, but as somebody with a strong appreciation for the game even in spite of its faults, it is a tad disappointing regardless.

Any help is appreciated!
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