How do I fix the sound of the Charge shot in Mega Man 6?

Started by SotoJX, December 31, 2020, 04:39:58 PM

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How do I fix the sound of the Charge shot in Mega Man 6? :-[

Could someone tell me how to make the Charge shot not sound like a normal lemon xD?

I want to add that improvement to my translation of Mega Man 6 (both Japanese and American versions).


Puresabe's Rockman 6 Optimization patch does that. Apparently the problem is that the game tries to play the regular shot sound and the charge shot sound on the same frame, and the charge shot sound gets overridden.
It's uploaded on his site:
And if you want to customize the patch, you need an assembler like this:

I compared two patched ROMs, one with the sound effect fix active. All it does is this:
6D715: 07->08 Raise priority of reflect sound so charge shot sound doesn't play over it (US offset is 6D7F1)
6D725: 07->08 Raise priority of charge shot sound (US offset is 6D801)
70CD3: 28->23 Use uncharged shot sound for partial charge shot instead of charge shot sound (for personal taste)