For which program or situation do I need cwsdpmi.exe?

Started by Sebastian_L, December 30, 2020, 06:36:53 AM

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A few years ago I started in learning about programming NES and using dosbox.

Then I got ill and can't do it for a long time.

Now I am looking through my folders and saw a cwsdpmi file. Could someone please help me. Where do I need it for?

The only thing I know I used cmd or dosbox and it said cwsdpmi was not found. So I downloaded it and used it before using the other program.

So could someone please help me.

Thank you in advance.


I recall it was a pretty commonly used file in DOS games, or I would guess DOS graphics (not text mode) apps.
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Did you not read ?

If it's not obvious, in olden times developers would leave common files like that out of a program's distribution to make the size smaller, and expect the end-user to find it independently.

Windows also provides its own DPMI server, so programs that were intended to be run from the MS-DOS prompt in Windows may also not include CWSDPMI.

Very, very old versions of DOSBox had some problems with DPMI, but those problems were fixed a long time ago.
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