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Author Topic: Help about Langrisser II personal project  (Read 518 times)


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Help about Langrisser II personal project
« on: December 29, 2020, 10:40:37 pm »
Hello everyone!

I'm new here at RHDN, but I've been in the world of Romhacking since 2008.
I've came here to ask for help about a game I'm trying to translate into my language, Brazilian Portuguese.

The game is "Langrisser II", released for Sega Genesis in 1994.
I know that there is a translation project (very good, by the way) made by the M.I.J.E.T group and that it has even had an update recently of equal quality.

My doubts are as follows:

1- Regarding the texts that represent the main script of the game, I didn't have many problems to identify and extract them, because they were Scripts that use the common ASCII table and their pointers were absolute and in standard "Big Endian" format from Sega Genesis. However, as much as I found most of the game's texts by conventional means, I still can't find almost any text referring to the game's Menus or the pointers of those texts... Is there any compression in them, or do I need some other technique to find them?

2- Speaking of graphic editing, I noticed that the font used to display the opening texts of the game is different, but it seems to be compressed in ROM or must use some other technique... As I am translating the game into my language Brazilian Portuguese, I need to add special characters in this font as well, which makes my job very difficult, because the font is apparently compressed... How could I find this font to edit it?

3- Still on the texts of the game's Menus, after much searching I ended up finding the texts that represent the main menu of the commands of each character in the game, such as the words: "Move" and "Attack", but I can't find the Pointer's logic that point to these texts in the ROM (at least not using the same logic as the main texts in game). So my question is: How could I find these Pointers?

Well, these are my main doubts in this project ... If anyone can help me with any of them, I would be very grateful!

See you!!


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Re: Help about Langrisser II personal project
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2020, 09:37:01 am »
Never played with this game but in general

1) If you tried relative search ( ) and using the same table seen elsewhere then seems like time for something new. Corruption is something some do (tweak parts of the ROM until you find what corresponds* to it, can be tedious), assembly methods (it has to get into memory, follow it back up the line when it does and go from there), pointer inference (search for pointers in the game, you need not know what they lead to but it is usually a quick way of finding something interesting as pointers tend not to point to nowhere of interest) and in some systems compression search (it tends to leave fingerprints) though for the megadrive it was likely custom.
Assembly is the best method but also the hardest (you need to follow along with the programming aspect after all)

*I should note if the other translation you reference changed something then whatever changed in that should be related to it. Find out what changes are not just for the main script and the rest goes from there).

2) Same as above really, though relative search will not do you much good.

3) First be sure that there are pointers. Menus quite often use other methods such as
fixed length -- "whatever it is we hope you can fit it in ? characters as that is all you get" (ever wondered why games from such eras have horribly abbreviated terms? This is that when translation teams get lazy)
delineated -- the reason this started a new line is because I pressed the enter/return key. Many games in menus will have this so it knows to go to the next term when it sees a given value. Does not work well for mainline text of many paragraphs as it takes a bit of CPU power to do but can be acceptable for use in menus.
Can also be noted length in the thing itself. If you note that the following value is 5 characters long, have those 5 characters and then another value to say this one is 4 then have those 4, then another saying 6 and have 6 characters...
The pointers can be a relative pointer setup. In this case maybe just the first thing in the list has a pointer and the rest just have lengths in a small table the game can quickly total up to find what it wants (or indeed if every time it displays such things if it knows it will also have the others then do even less calculations than that).

You also have the assembly choice again -- if it needs to find where something is on screen then it will likely be using some kind of length value, pointer value or something else. Catch it as it is drawing it on screen (or maybe putting it in VRAM to begin with -- chances are it is not there right from boot, and instead when you start a battle or something) and watch it work to see what it uses.