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Author Topic: Translations: Christmas with Wizardry 1 WonderSwan Color port now fully playable in English!  (Read 2774 times)


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Update By: Gamerhenky

It's time for an announcement for the release of Wizardry Scenario #1: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord English Translation for WonderSwan Color that was released only in Japan. However, the rest of other scenarios (Knight of Diamonds and Legacy of Llylgamyn) were never released on this system.

This particular handheld port is not just simply a remake like the previous ones (NES, SNES, GBC, PSX, Windows). It introduced exclusive new features such as showing pictures for related items and events, new exclusive versions of weapons and items that weren't originally available, a free automap feature, the ability to download New Maze and Shopping via Wonder Gate, and finally a new unlockable Survival Mode once the game is cleared. The Survival Mode is basically defeating waves of monsters without getting wiped out and achieving the high score.

This hack translates the option screens (with some string limitations) as well re-translates everything that was wrong with it, such as many grammar errors particularly for English mode that was still present in the original game now fixed.

Hope you enjoyed with it and Happy Holiday to everyone!

RHDN Project Page

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Always good to see more WonderSwan translations! I'll have to try this one out when I have time - good work!


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I'm gonna check this out tonight, thanks for working on this translation.  :thumbsup: :beer:


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Version 1.1 update was just released:

- Camp: Reverted "INSPECT WHOM?" back to "INSPECT WHO?", This changes (for the moment) may causing using items outside battle doesn't work or unusable
- Fixes small typo such as "AUGUMENT -> AUGMENT" that was still present in original
- Repointered some strings and moved question marks after space to after letters
- Changed "Equipped Item -Sell It?" to "Equipped Item, Sell it?"