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Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance Menu Music

Started by sorrow, December 24, 2020, 04:30:23 PM

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Hello all.  For Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance, when you press start to go to the menu options (like equipping items, read bestiary, etc) the background stage music stops and goes silent.

Does anyone know if there's a way to keep have the background stage music continue playing while pausing the game and being in these menu screens?


2 main approaches and a potential problem

1) When you load the menu it will send a command to stop or lower volume of the audio playback. Find and disable or mitigate this command and hopefully it will continue to work. This will be an assembly hack but on the more basic side of things. Trying to find a suitable hook will probably be more fun but graphics or buttons should do it, or maybe there is some tell in the memory you can use, or maybe come the other way and find what it uses to bring the audio back when you exit menu if you know where the track is in the game (GBA audio can often be found with Sappy).

2) If the menu has a music track is plays you overwrite it with the in game one. Minor annoyance if there are different tracks playing throughout the game. This however you can do with more basic audio overwriting/repointing approaches (I assume this will use sappy)

The problem for both is if the menu has its own stuff and uses the various channels for its purposes -- the GBA is not as limited as some older systems but it would be the DS before we saw 16 use it for whatever you like channels. If it is then you might need to disable any sound effects the menu additionally plays.


Gotcha, thanks for the insight.  I was hoping the menu played its own silent track, but I don't believe it does.  When looking at the memory viewer in mgba I can see where it has the stage track index change and it stays the same when pausing. 

I'll have to scan more and see if there's anything changing in the memory viewer when I hit the pause button.

I'm trying to do a music swap where I replace the music with a wav, but pausing to the menu breaks it.  I think it pauses the song when it's the regular background music MIDIs and then continues when exiting the menu, but the wav simply just stops.

I was hoping that if there was a way to just have the music continue playing the problem would be solved, lol.