Ocarina of Time 1.0 U and MQ Debug Fixed Scenes hack

Started by salvador368, December 23, 2020, 06:12:29 PM

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Let me link a reddit post talking about the patch that I made. https://www.reddit.com/r/ZeldaOoT/comments/j8nsah/my_fixed_scene_hack_is_complete_this_should_be/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

Basically, I got the compressed versions to work with 1.0 U so you patch your compressed z64 game with the bps patch. I think they are on the bottom of the list. I'm pretty sure it could work with randomizer and maybe Oot redux. Update, the final compressed versions are in the "keese in Graveyard" folder. https://github.com/salvador235/Oot-fixed-scenes-bps-patches-Final

Update, sadly the link above doesn't work with randomizer and Oot Redux for 1.0 U. But if you use my decompress txt patches for 1.0 U and apply them to that cloudmodding patcher with the rando/redux rom, it could work for rando and Oot redux. Let me link the cloudmodding txt patches underneath here. Also if you use rando, delete the stuff in 0x092FECE, 0x0940DEB, 0x095651D, 0x0956529 and 0x095654B. They mess with the text. So make a copy of the txt file you use for 1.0 U and delete them for rando.


Also, I created patches for the redux V 1.0 with my fixed scene hack on github. Could I link it here? Its another rep. I credited the people who made redux but for some reason, the "about" information cuts off maybe? Unsure.


My apologies, but what is this Romhack's goal specifically with OOT?

I saw Beta Jabu Jabu being listed, so I assume this is some kind of Beta Restoration Hack or something else entirely?


Idk but I fixed beta ice cavern and the beta Jabu Jabu Dungeon. Idk if both of these are bad changes but I changed Hylien actors that don't appear in 00 and 01 cutscene area of Kakariko with invisible collectibles because they would not load and I couldn't extend the object list. I also changed the 2 torches that would not load in beta Goron City or cutscene 00 with invisible collectibles.