Chrono trigger+ Temporal flux TUTORIAL SERIES!

Started by FireBrandWhip, June 14, 2022, 11:00:26 PM

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Yup. That's right!
Here it is a long last, mwa ha ha ha!!!

Take a look when you get a chance it's a half hour video for tutorial #1-- let me know how it is--if the audio quality isn't good or whatever...I accept constructive criticism!

But if you don't like it tell me...WHY... the dislike BOT will not prevail!!

~Z aka FireBrandWhip!
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Red Soul

So Temporal Flux can open a CT ROM after it has been patched with the plus patch?
Because if so, it's not working for me.

The video and audio quality are good, I haven't noticed any problems.

Edit: My mistake, the editor expected a headerless ROM, that's probably why.


Yes. patched ROMs must be patched with a header or headerless version...

It basically removes 200 bytes which are negligible and makes it easier for Temporal Flux to work with.

In the next tutorial I will be describing how to add custom icons to individual items such as the new AtomEdge blade we will be making in part of the tutorial as well as the Adventurers Tent rank--a "guild" system which would be like a World of Warcraft reputation system thing.

Stay tuned!!



Tutorial 1 Bonus video!!!

Edit: The Files:

Let me know if you have problems downloading those..