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Author Topic: Translations: Super Robot Wars: Original Generations (PS2) translation released  (Read 11119 times)

Cahos Rahne Veloza

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Just change the CRC value of the cheat file you're using to A2C12D28 (if you're using the latest english patch version) download my PNACH File from my blog and copy it's code contents to your cheat file.

It'll work I guarantee it.

I've come across this blog post before from my search for codes for the game. However I can't seem to access your file as is making things impossible. My ad blocker extension is blocking it and if I disable my ad blocker Malwarebytes detects and intercepts some nasties from the link.

Also I think the CRC is incorrect, I also have a copy of the patched game with a CRC of A2C12D28 and is labeled as SLPS_257.33:1. Whereas Bonesy a few posts above says the "correct" CRC should be 8fcc50f5 and according to the RHDN project page for the translation the label should be SCAJ-20185...

...I couldn't find the "proper" ISO the translation patch wanted on the usual places whose names I can not say on here as it is against the forum rules. But I did find a pre-patched ISO on one of those places I know of. And it is the same version you speak of. I did also find an unpatched copy of the game on the same place where I got the pre-patched version and it is the incorrect ISO for the patch as the xdelta patcher fails to apply the patch on it as the CRC value and label are incorrect.

Reason for Edit - Addendum:

After several days attempting to convert and reconvert those codes on that GameFAQs discussion board using OmniConvert, I finally managed to get the Action Replay Max code for Max Pilot Points found on the third page... work  :laugh: Now I only need to get the Have All Parts code to work and I'm golden  :thumbsup:

It's a shame though that my copy of the Fan Translated ISO isn't the proper one according to the RHDN Project Page Infosheet.
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