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Digimon Tag Tamers Spanish translate 90%

Started by Hidetovtamer, January 02, 2021, 12:46:35 PM

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Hello, how are you? In the end I decided to get into this world of translating games with Digimon Tag Tamers, I started with WindHex32 and I have 90% of the game translated into Spanish, history included but I have a little problem, the texts that depend on graphics I cannot translate them, I used a tool program but the only thing it did was corrupt the Rom, my question is if someone can tell me the correct method to do this, I thank you very much in advance. [/img][/img]


Which graphics are you referring to? If you mean the menus like this one:

those can be changed directly in a tile editor. You may need to fix the tile map though - that's usually directly after the graphics, and it's prefaced with the width and height values (e.g. 0x0A 0 0x04 0... would say the tile map is 10 tiles long, 4 tiles tall).

If you're referring to the "captions" in the houses in Primary Village (like "Gennai's"):

those are compressed graphics. The compression might match an existing tool, but I ended up building my own that handles imports/exports. I need to rewrite it so it's more user friendly, but if you want, I can send you the original images to edit. You can email them back, and I'll make a patch you can apply to your copy of the game.


First of all I thank you for your work, I never thought that you were just going to answer, I came to ask humbly why it is the first translation I do, I thought that your translation would be enough for people to get into playing this great game, but unfortunately the language barrier and the laziness of the people makes a mess again, it is not a game that I want to miss for Spanish speaking people. So any help you can give me will be very appreciated and if I can learn things in the process much better, I want to translate the first Medarots after this one, but there are things that I don't know. I tried to change the compressed graphics with the Tilemolester, but a bug was generated in the fights, leaving the game frozen. So any method that seems correct to proceed, we can do it, do you want me to send you my email?

PS: I leave you some screenshots of the translation


No worries - your screenshots look good! I'm happy you're making this game more accessible to more people - Puedo leer el Espanol, pero mi habilidad para escribir en la lengua es mal, jaja.

I sent you the relevant images via PM, so let me know when you're done and I'll try to port them over for you.