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Author Topic: MS Pac-Man SEGA Mega Drive Arcade Ultimate Portable Issue  (Read 841 times)


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MS Pac-Man SEGA Mega Drive Arcade Ultimate Portable Issue
« on: December 16, 2020, 09:36:02 am »
This is a similar problem to the issue with Spider-Man and Venom Separation Anxiety here:

The ROM for Ms Pac-Man works fine on PC emulators. For handheld devices however, the rom doesn't load at all. It stays stuck on a black screen (it doesn't load the red "TENGEN" logo at all or even get to the menu).

I did some research on this and I found out that Ms Pac-Man is notorious for having issues IF you use a 6 button controller, causing the controls in game to be buggy. I figured this wasn't the problem as that wouldn't cause the game to remain on a black screen.

I decided to turn on my brain, and realised that another game was released by TENGEN within a VERY short time of Ms Pac-Man, called Pac-Mania.

Pac-Mania runs and loads and plays fine on the handheld device, but Ms Pac-Man doesn't load at all!

Look how similar they are on the ROM headers:

Ms Pac-Man:

Firm: (C)T-48
Build Date: 1991.MAR
Program Type: GM
S/N: T-48036
V/N: -00


Firm: (C)T-48
Build Date: 1991.JUN
Program Type: GM
S/N: T-48056
V/N: -00

Maybe something could be used from the Pac-Mania rom that could be applied to the Ms Pac-Man rom which fixes Ms Pac-Man to load properly on the handheld device? After all both games seem very similar to each other, only one works and one doesn't.

Any help on this would be highly appreciated, thanks.

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