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Mario Kart 64 CHAOS BLAST

Started by seohaine, December 14, 2020, 04:04:46 PM

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This is one of my recently projects
It's someway inspired from Kaze SM64 chaos edition but not too tedious , but still challenging as souls saga >:D

it also have some other racing games inspiration like F zero X and split second twisted tracks, blur and wipe out weapons and tony hawk tricks 8)


The blast mechanic can be your best friend or your worst enemy  :crazy:
You can speed up the blast and also manipulate the landing once u unlock those features

Use the Items wisely because item spawning at the beginning is less...

-traffic code to every map
-random objects as traffic
-new item unlockables  (feather boost, blast mushroom, bulletbill shell, sonicwave, shell vulcan)
-reverse mode
-4X4 mode (tony hawk experience)
-lap randomizer
-race start luck roulette
-skycolor randomizer
-blast speed
-blast brake
-CPU use all items (Triclon's code)
-decreasing rubberband by progressing
-increase item box spawn by progressing
-normal + mirror mode combined
-16 chaos tracks
-16 unique tracks
-lots of scaled tracks
-drift boost upgrades
-T.trial challenges


Bullet Bill Shell and Custom Mushroom Cup

Feather Boost and Custom Star Cup

Video Release


Custom Title screen


This make me keep going with my projects so if you want to support the project then follow it here



Instruction Booklet


HOLY CRAP!! this is absolutely amazing! I cant wait to see this finished :thumbsup:
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Quote from: ThroughT1m3 on December 16, 2020, 06:57:53 PM
HOLY CRAP!! this is absolutely amazing! I cant wait to see this finished :thumbsup:
its finished already  :woot!: