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Conker's Bad Fur Day N64 PT-BR

Started by ByFTR, January 19, 2022, 11:38:51 AM

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I bring you the translation project of this beautiful game. it is quite advanced, both in the script and in the graphics. We plan to release it in June or July of this year, hope you like it!

We are making two versions, one with censorship and one without censorship, it's up to you to choose which one to play.

Romhack: WolfferroW
Texts: By FTR
Graphics: João13, Mumm-Ra and By FTR
Review: WolfferroW and By FTR
Tools: Mumm-Ra

Texts: 80%
Accents: 80%
Graphics: 60%
Review: 50%

Special thanks to denim!
Without him, this project would not have come out on "paper"


Nicely done so far. The text translations look pretty well made and I can bet this game will either be subtitled or (if there is a way to do so) fandubbed to Portuguese (However, I'm pretty sure that's not gonna happen and it's time consuming). But all in all, this is great so far.


It wasn't as complicated to structure the ROM as it was DKR.
I learned a little how the N64 ROM works.


great job, have you thought about translating pokemon yellow from Nes 8 bit? the game is chinese but it has a patch for english and on top of it you can translate to portuguese, that game is very good and it would be interesting to have the translation to portuguese :thumbsup:

André Miiura

I can't believe it, just a big fan of this work, and a really strong team to translate this game, hugs to you, will it take time to complete?


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