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Author Topic: [SNES] ISS Deluxe Real Names Patch  (Read 742 times)


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[SNES] ISS Deluxe Real Names Patch
« on: November 24, 2020, 07:41:37 am »

I'm a long time ISS Deluxe snes player and recently saw that Konami released the real player names for ISS Deluxe game.
This is documented here.

In-game, this is not possible to edit the names, so I checked for a patch and saw that one exists. See here.

However, it has been created for the USA version of the game.

My question are :
1) There is no read-me or more information about this patch. Has it been created based on the list provided by Konami ?
2) Would it be possible to have a similar patch for the French version of the game ?

I guess only @SalvadorC17 (the creator of the patch) can answer these questions, right ?

FYI, I did a similar initiative for the PS1 and N64 versions of ISS Pro 98. See here.

Myself, I still own my copy of ISS Deluxe SNES and would enjoy so much playing it with real names.

Take care,
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