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Super mario bros 2 multiplayer?

Started by Hedwig7s, November 24, 2020, 09:14:38 AM

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Has anyone made a super Mario bros 2 multiplayer hack? Haven't found one anywhere (I'm also curious if there is a multiplayer donkey Kong classics mod which makes 2 do and DJ show up in 2p mode one controlled by each player or a super Mario world 2 mod which does the same with Mario and Luigi)I hope there is a hack that adds 2p


If someone did one, and submitted it to the site, you would be able to find it by browsing the ROM Hack section and searching by the game.

It takes a considerable amount of work to make multiplayer mods, and it may or may not be feasible because of technical limitations, so don't just go expecting that because someone did it for one game, that people are going to do them for many others.
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Super Mario 1 and 3 and world got one why not world 2 and Smb2


Either you'll have to do it yourself or someone else will have to volunteer their time, which seems like both are highly unlikely. Every single game is handled different and for some it may not be feasible. It takes a ridiculous amount of work to do something of this nature.
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