Any easy solution to unlocking the hidden levels in Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan)?

Started by atpstudios, November 23, 2020, 04:14:12 PM

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Hey all, for the life of Me I cannot figure out how to use the new recent Super Mario Bros 2 (J) utility that came out just last year to modify the game to have 8 stars on the title screen (Then you can play the secret levels).

I've opened the fds rom into the program and changed it to 8 stars then saved the rom file, but after opening it and multiple tries it doesn't seem to do anything :( anyone know of any way to do this or perhaps an alternate method to access these levels?

also by any chance would anyone know of a way to add in the super mario bros 2 logo into the title screen?
I used this graphic hack by insectduel
but for some odd reason He took out the title screen (I guess for legal reasons?)
Would there be any way to make it so the title screen can be restored?

Thanks in advance


I think you need to press A+Start or B+Start or something on the title screen to play the secret levels if they are unlocked.
Have you tried that?

Also have you tried it without the additional mod?
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OMG I figured it out for some reason it doesn't work with the "Super Mario Brothers 2 (Japan) (Alt 1)" rom which is unfortunately the one I need for that cool looking graphic skin, looks like I will be playing it normally now since you can only unlock the 8 stars this way!

Thanks for the reply!