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Author Topic: [Translation Request] Stardust Suplex & JWP Pure Wrestling Queens (Superfamicom)  (Read 1749 times)


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I'm super busy and untalented, so I'll just throw out there that it would be a great and noble thing if someone completed an English translation of these great female wrestling games.

StarDust Suplex! Much of this game is already in English but some dialogue is missed if you don't have Japanese knowledge.

JWP Pure Wrestling Queens Similar situation.

These games don't have the loads of text compared to say, Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium's translation (which I'm so glad exists).

Still, would be really nice to see... good luck!


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Short answer: Post here only.

Long answer:
Please read the rules
1.) This is a romhacking board. The things you post should have some relevance to romhacking. It's OK to post a thread about translating song titles or some such once in a while, but make sure you clearly state what kind of content you post. [/url]Don't just post huge amounts of game scripts when you don't intent to actually use the translation in a romhack.[/url]

This board is for asking for translations of games YOU plan to work on.

I suppose I should update the subforum rule thread to make it even clearer.
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