Double Dragon II Remastered (SEGA GENESIS)

Started by sebastianangel, November 18, 2020, 11:35:47 AM

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Hello, :woot!: This is an improvement to this great sega genesis game that I made a while ago, and maybe I'll come back, now that I've learned to do some things better, when I'm done with another project I'm on now (street figther 2 nes)
This improvement went completely unnoticed without criticism neither for nor aginsta.
below some images of the visual changes made in tiles, sprites and color palettes the forest zone tractor was completely done as was the addition of rocks and many other details, the game is no longer obscure :thumbsup:

I hope you like it and any criticism, proposal or improvement that you want to contribute will be well received :woot!:


Nice-looking hack! It got a bit of attention over at Sega-16:

It would be beautiful if this hack were paired with an ASM hack to improve the framerate of the game -- there's definitely something wrong with the underlying engine, and the CPU can't keep up. I think some work was done on it, but I'm not sure of the outcome. If I recall correctly, overclocking fixes the problem.


Thank you very much! :thumbsup: I did not know anything about this page, if it is true overcloking is a solution in emulators, it is a great game with very good music, maybe if the fx and some details will be improved as in the forest area the auscenia of the Jeff ! :crazy: