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Chuka Taisen/Cloud Master - Redrawn Project

Started by 4lorn, November 16, 2020, 03:50:21 PM

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With several ongoing redrawn projects going on, figure I'd talk about an ongoing of mine as well.

Made by Hot B, the same guys behind Insector X, Chuka Taisen isn't the most popular NES game - it's not even one of the best ones - but I think it deserves a bit of a makeover. So far I'm still planning out most of the visuals, in the sense of figuring out how an idea might be applied to what I'm creating and what the tilesets allow, so there's not a lot to show right now other than the process of reworking the main character, Michael Chen.

(I'm not sure what size the image will be so here's a link to a 2x pixel perfect version)

Chuka Taisen also has an interesting thing going for it. It's the only NES game I know that has a sprite sheet repeated for each level. Instead of loading graphics from a single one, the game uses a sheet for the intro screen, then level 1, 2, 3, etc. This means you can have different visuals for each enemy per level - even Chen can look different from stage to stage. The bosses only have one sheet though, which is a pity. So if you ever wanted to make a romhack of a shooter featuring different characters per level, there you go.

More updates as soon as possible.

Xander max

At first glance this game does not attract attention, but when you play a little you see that it is a good shooting. In addition, the big bosses have a charm!
I started a Chuka Taisen hack, the fact of having repeated sprites for each level opens up a lot of variety of enemies.
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