Super Mario Bros. (NES) - SMB Graphics Workshop question

Started by Ladondorf, November 01, 2020, 12:56:40 PM

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I'm working with a utility called SMB Graphics Workshop where you can change the individual 8x8 sprites that each larger SMB sprite uses.

For Mario's idle pose, the left and right sides of his torso and legs are the same sprites mirrored. I changed the sprites on the right to be separate ones, but they're still mirrored, so it looks weird.

I can't simply draw the sprites backwards because they're also being used for other frames in his animation.

Does anyone familiar with SMB Graphics Workshop know how to mirror/unmirror sprites?


In the hexadecimal editor change the two bits 40 to 00 in the following directions:

(Clarification, this is not thoroughly tested, I just searched for you)

▪ If your ROM is different from the original, find the Mario animation:

▪ And when you find it, look twice for the line:

▪ If it is on the correct line, you will be able to see in real time in the emulator how the desired section of the Mario sprite is flipped, if this does not happen, undo the changes and keep looking :thumbsup:

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