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Super Mario Kart Mirror Mode

Started by Dirtbag, November 01, 2020, 02:55:23 PM

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Now released!


R4M0N, MrL314 and me have been working on a true mirror mode for Super Mario Kart. This has been attempted before but is not perfect so R4M0N wanted to make a pixel perfect version - so we did.

Turns out the mirrored versions of the original tracks is good fun to play.

So far what is mirrored:

- All tracks with the start/finish lines, AI zones + targets, objects and overlays 
- Title screen animation
- Race results screens
- Player selection screen
- Cup select screens
- Podium screen
- Track Backgrounds

Mirrored Demos:

The demos required the creation of a bespoke set of tools to allow the editing of demos in CSV format.  I'll add some error handling to the tool and release that soon for fellow SMK hackers to have custom demos for their hacks.

Title screen animation:

Player select screen:


Neat! This'll make a good companion game to the original.

Ok Impala!

Amazing! This will surely give players a new challenge!  :)


This is now released

I hope you enjoy it and if you do let us know here!