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Author Topic: [Translation JP -> ENG][GB] Medarot 3  (Read 2040 times)


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[Translation JP -> ENG][GB] Medarot 3
« on: December 04, 2020, 10:13:33 pm »
Hi all.

I'm looking for people to help translate the 3rd mainline Medabots/Medarot game. The first game has already been translated and has a fully playable patch (here), and the second had a GBA remake that was released in the states. For the sake of efficiency, we skipped the 2nd GBC title and are working on the 3rd title (out of the 5 mainline games on the GB/C).

If anyone's interested, the bulk of the text to be translated is the dialog, which can be found in the GitHub project here. You can find me in the Medabots discord in the '#medarot_3_translation' channel (the discord link can be found in the subreddit sidebar).

Thanks for your time.

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