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Author Topic: Hello... I am trying to make a Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Genesis port  (Read 882 times)


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Can somebody try and reach out and work with me on making a Scott Pilgrim vs. The World genesis port? I was thinking of using Streets of Rage 2 as the basis.

I don't know how to do all this stuff but I know there's programs for it. Even better programs specifically dedicated to hacking SoR2... I'd like to start on it as a passion project for something to do during my free time. I'd like to go even as far as to replace the backgrounds to (crunched down if we'd have to) ones in the actual game. Add in the actual bosses somehow. Sound FX would be sweet.. And if anybody's good with Genesis chiptune.. Remixes of the game's music? I just really wanna play this game on my couch at ease and basically and have it come with me wherever. Gonna end up buying the actual game this Holiday anyway. I'd like to know where to start... So please reach out in any way possible.

Email is:

Let's make this thing happen!  :crazy: