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SMAS+SMW Japanese Version

Started by gamingcat02261991, May 28, 2022, 09:00:19 PM

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Here's another project I'll work on one day: Super Mario Collection+ (Japan). It's simply a hack of Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World that features the stuff from the Japanese versions of both Super Mario All-Stars and Super Mario World (i.e.: the Japanese chatter, the quicker transition to the game select menu, the Japanese boxarts, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels renamed to Super Mario Bros. 2 "For Super Players", Super Mario Bros. 2 renamed to Super Mario USA, Yoshi being able to eat Dolphins, the "You Are Super Player" error at the end of Funky, the Japanese SMW title screen, the copyright year being adjusted to "1990, 1993 Nintendo", the arguably-better Peach sprites at the end of SMW, the Japanese names of Reznor and Bowser being visible, the missing ! Block in Donut Plains 2, 300 seconds in Lemmy's Castle, only one arrow sign to signify the secret exit in Chocolate Island 3, the removal of three 1-Up Mushrooms in Sunken Ghost Ship, the Japanese course names like Outrageousand Funky being renamed to Championship Course, and the original Japanese credits and enemy names like K. K. instead of Sumo Bro. and Kuribon instead of "Goomba"). Please note that I won't start on this project right away, as I have other projects in the works.


When you decide to actually work on it, let us know.

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