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Bubble Bobble NES level editor help.

Started by Super James Nelson, October 26, 2020, 01:44:19 PM

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Super James Nelson


I'm looking into finding a way to edit levels on NES Bubble Bobble on Windows 64-bit, but nothing seems to be working. If anyone could provide a solution to how I can get something working, that'd be very helpful.

I've heard about a software called "Bubbled", but when I extract the files and open up the bubbled.exe file, it loads up the welcome menu, then when I press a button the software closes. No idea what to do.


Consulting the readme (you did try looking at the readme, right?), it looks like you need to rename your Bubble Bobble ROM to "BUBLBOB.NES" and put it in the same folder as bubbled.exe.  (Or you can edit bubbled.conf and change the filename there.)
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