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PSX Return to Zork (J) English Dub

Started by UncleJohn, October 24, 2020, 08:16:04 AM

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Hi guys!

I started on a little project: Translating the Japan only game: Return to Zork. So far I dubbed all the FMVs with the English soundtrack from the DOS and Macintosh versions. Now the game should be more accessible to English speakers. However, more work is needed to replace the text. If you have some expertise in this field or some pointers, feel free to contact me, as I am new to modifying PSX games.

Following is an example:

Uncle John


Huge kudos on this project -- I love this kind of thing. You sometimes see comments like "Why translate [console game] when it's already in English on PC?", but that overlooks the possibility of console-exclusive content or other cool stuff, or just having interesting differences. (Usually the person making such comments hasn't actually played the console version, but just assumes...)

As a side note, are you mainly interested in the Zork series specifically, or are you more broadly interested in projects that transfer English-language PC assets to leverage translation of console versions? The 3DO, Saturn, and PlayStation are absolutely loaded with opportunities for that kind of thing, and the 3DO in particular has a nice habit of storing its script files in plaintext.

Best of luck with it -- I'll be following your progress eagerly!


I wouldn't mind stuff like this myself. Heck, sometimes porting the English versions from PC and such may be a necessary for those of us that prefer to play on Japan only games.


It especially brings to mind all the Saturn games that are better regarded ports and have translations on Playstation or arcades.