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Author Topic: Tales Of Series: Collection of Tools  (Read 13842 times)

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Re: Tales Of Series: Collection of Tools
« Reply #20 on: January 04, 2021, 02:37:16 pm »
Thanks so much for making these tools available!

Are you releasing the tools for Symphonia PS3 at any point? Namely the TDAT unpacker / packer...
Yes, of course I will. I was very busy right now.
We have released another game here completely in Russian.
But unfortunately later. I would like to explain everything in detail in README.

Publicly available later. And I can send you a PM, as your team helped with advice in the analysis of TALES OF REBIRTH.

Star Ocean -Last Hope- / Звёздный океан -Последняя надежда-

This project is a complete translation of text and textures into Russian.

Demo video


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