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DAT file

Started by DY7, October 20, 2020, 03:33:49 AM

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Dear members.
I would like to say hello to everyone and I hope everybody has good days and happiness.

I have a DAT file, I need to open and edit it.
could anyone here help me please ?

Here is the File on this link below :

I am willing to pay.

thank in advanced.


.dat is an utterly generic extension (.bin is probably the only better example of such a thing) used by often half a dozen completely different formats within a single game.

Without knowing what game, what system and whereabouts in the game, also what it does if you know that, you are robbing us of potentially vital information that might be used to decode it.

Payment is also a trick thing in ROM hacking circles -- money makes lawyers perk up and that is the last thing most ROM hacking communities want to attract the attention of.

Anyway took a look.
See an awful lot of German text in ASCII form, indeed that might be most of the file.
At the end of the file are a bunch of error messages in English dealing with electrical motors and car/vehicle information, and the rest of the file once I dumped the strings/opened it in a text editor appeared to deal with car/vehicle electronics and related concepts.

To that end I would be surprised if this anything we particularly deal with around here, that or mechanic simulator 2020 is far more advanced than previous efforts. The car electronics forums out there often do good work so might be better to the go look there.
At the same time if it is messing with things on the CAN bus and possibly programming devices in then be careful editing such things as frying your ECU or having to have it programmed by a big boy tool because your hacked up thing crashed halfway through programming is seldom fun or cheap.

Fire it through if your computer does not have a nice means of displaying text strings in files.


thank you very for your reply sir.
that's true. it is a sort description of CAN ID's. few a years ago it could be used for debugging and analyzing as module.
I have taken a look via Hex file from link that you sent but it is still not enough
would you mind if you tell me how to unpacked the file and what software should I use for ?

or Could I PM you ?

please I really need a help and really appreciate it .


The vast majority of the file is ASCII text and I did little more than look at that in a hex editor and a text editor (you can usually still force things to open). The site linked I used myself to see and while it is more clunky than either of those it still displayed the same data. Didn't see any compression or cut through anything to do that, nor do anything like unpacking it. Did not see any evidence of it being a known format but I have not delved too deep into this aspect of car programs (used to do computers for a car electronics garage so broadly familiar with most dealer level popular in Europe stuff and some fiddling with ECUs when I thought I would look to see how much of a scam remapping was, less so any formats tools and they might have used however)

Without context of the program/tool it is for there is not much I can do beyond that.