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Arkanoid Reblocked

Started by svambo, October 15, 2020, 06:18:31 PM

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While the SNES is well known for it's great Jump & Run games and it's brilliant RPGs it has some quite nice casual games too.
Arkanoid is one of them, but it's too long for a quick gaming session and the difficulty level is frustrating sometimes - so why not make an own version?

Some friends and I are working on a little hack of the game called Arkanoid Reblocked. It will have 38 levels and a playtime of roundabout one hour.

The difficulty is quite fair so it's suitable to play it with your kids or your non-pro-gamer-friend too.

And the best of all:

You will be able to do your own hack of Arkanoid - Doh it again, as we are working on an editor for the game. It is called ArkanEdit and will be released on soon.


It took some time to do the hack for the PAL and the US version of the game, because many of the offsets are different, but now it is done and submitted to

It was quite some fun to create this - hope you have some fun with the result  :crazy:




Congrats on finishing the project!  :)

This looks great and I'm looking forward to checking it out.


Wow, the Admins are really fast  :thumbsup:

Here is Arkanoid Reblocked.