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My Animated Ecco the Dolphin Text Generator!

Started by arkonviox, October 15, 2020, 10:19:01 PM

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Hi! I been meaning to post this here for a while but haven't had a chance.

Earlier this year I developed an animated Ecco the Dolphin Text generator that can produce the ripple effect used whenever dialog needs to be displayed. The effect is produced using the actual algorithm found in the game that I reverse engineered and ported to Javascript.
Thanks to a friend of mine Reaperman we were able to find a variety of effects it can produce and I incorporated it into my generator.

What's even more interesting is THAT algorithm is actually used throughout Ecco 2 for various special effects: Such as on The Globe Holder, and Tube of Medusa. It basically works through the VDP's ability to draw backgrounds line by line. As each scanline is drawn, an offset is added using a sinewave table and another table to produce a variety of effects.

The text generator supports different special effects and themes, as well as support for Russian, Spanish...ect...It has minimal support for Japanese Hirgana and Katakana! I hope to expand it further soon.

Once the project is complete I hope to make it open source. It's almost there!

My ultimate goal is to build an Ecco the Dolphin game engine using programming ideas
from this. I have actually reverse engineered most of the assets from both Ecco the Dolphin and Ecco 2: I am not ready to share that stuff yet as I hope to have a little surprise for this community soon :)

However for those interested I keep a dev log on our Ecco the Dolphin discord:

I also have an Ecco the Dolphin website with a little bit of info about my overall
project, although the Discord has the more up to date info about my bigger project
(as well as goodies produced from my work and resources from my extensive Ecco the Dolphin collection).

In the meantime feel free to try out my generator and let me know what you guys think and how I could improve it.

Thank you and I hope to have more soon