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My Current and Future Projects

Started by Me_Dave, May 31, 2023, 12:46:43 AM

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Here is the list of the hacks I am working on that should be released by the end of 2023 "Hopefully Sooner".

I mostly only make NES Hacks so that is likely what system my hacks will be for.

Dragon Spirit: The New Dragons is a hack of Dragon Spirit: The New Legend
Where I have replaced the Gold and Blue Dragon with a Pink and Red Dragon. I have altered the title screen already to say The New Dragons instead The New Legend and updated the Palette and Changed the text from Gold and Blue to Pink and Red. The Pink Dragon is already in the game, I haven't added the Red Dragon fully yet. The only real thing left is the few remaining Palette changes and a Huge Amount of Text that makes up the story of the game.

Final Fight 3 Redux is my hack of the NES Final Fight 3 Deluxe, because well I liked that it fixed the Broken TEXT of the game but everything else that the Deluxe Patch changed for the NES Final Fight 3 I just did not like or agree with so I had the thought that I could make a better More Improved Version for the NES. A lot of the changes I have made so far are in putting back in stuff that was removed from the Original Pirate Version by the Deluxe Patch along with some added enhancements that I had created for a Unreleased Final Fight 3 Hack I made long ago called Final Fight 3 Preview. I have a new license Plate for the cars in the game, an altered sign post, and a new Barrel Graphic. I also made the Lights of the Cars to Flash as was in the Original game. I added back the Original GO signal "Arrow" that appears either Red or Blue depending on what stages you are on the Deluxe version for some reason just has a Plain White GO. I also fixed Dean to be back to the same way and color he was in the Original Pirate Version I get that they tried to fix him to look more like the SNES version but those changes on the NES made him look sick. I have taken down the Palette Locations of the 4 Players "I also have updated their palettes a bit" and of most the enemy's of the game, plus I have played through the SNES version of Final Fight 3 a few times an taken down notes on it so I plan to update the Palettes of a lot stuff to match as close as possible with the SNES version. I did add back the 1-Up item and the text so that you know when you collect a extra life like in the Original Game.

I was also working on my own separate complete Hack of the NES Final Fight 3 Deluxe that replaced all the Names of all four players and for all enemies in the game as well as their palettes and some game items and other stuff. I even had created a new Enemy Character called Jaxson "Not related to Michael Jackson" But I changed my focus and decided to just do a Redux of the Deluxe version first "I did steal some concepts from it for my Redux Hack". I have already added back most of everything back into my Redux Version like I think it should be to look as best as it can on The NES or like I think it should Look now I just need to start working on the further Palette changes and some other stuff to match as close as I can to the SNES Version.

Originally I did try contacting the Author of the Deluxe version awhile back to get permission but never heard anything so well I am going eventually release both my full hacks of Final Fight 3 Deluxe when they are done..

However I am not going make any patch that patches over the Deluxe version, as I will only release Patches that apply over the Original Pirate Game. 

I have a few more hacks in the works like OBiden Nation a hack of Zombie Nation but that one has to wait til like 2024 to complete or until I learn how to draw a big head of Joe Biden for the NES. However the above two are the ones I plan to finish ASAP but once they are done and released I'll probably start on some other hacks I have planed and will list those here too, I am just getting started really. Sorry there are not any screen shots I'll have some those eventually. I was going post about these hacks in another topic but I didn't want to get in any trouble so decide to make my own New Personal Project Page instead.

I am on hold of the translation hacking of a NES Visual Novel Game, I can't say what game but the translator is a bit busy nowadays and it's really her project not mine I am just the hacker. I probably should look through it and fix a few small parts that I've missed. I guess that is it for now..

Here is what I have for Dragon Spirit: The New Dragons so far and the Red Dragon is in the game now but not fully.

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