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Where do hack requests belong

Started by Manamiko, October 24, 2021, 10:32:20 AM

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I clicked the link where it states *here* in the thread far above and it just redirects to a link saying "File not found."


You presumably looked past it (damn those invisible stickies) when you found the thread you reference. is the hack requests thread. Usual warning though. 99.9% of the time unless there is a hack that already does, version on a different device that might do (why hack SNES mouse support in if there is already an amiga/dos version sort of thing) what you want then nothing is going to get done, though you will probably be given a general overview of what such a thing would entail, alternatives, whether cheats could do the deed (many do fail to consider them) or why it is infeasible or at least very difficult.

If you are doing some work and want general advice then this section and the newcomers one is where most seem to end up. If you need something more specific and are doing work yourself at some level (or maybe you are a translator that lost their hacker) then there is the help wanted thread

Mods. has a link using an older url style that presumably troubled the user here. If editing htaccess is not going to happen (and there are a few that might want that at various levels) then might want to edit that thread.


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