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Started by sebastianangel, October 09, 2020, 10:15:52 AM

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Quote from: sebastianangel on October 31, 2020, 03:16:57 PM
Great contribution of cartridge!!! :thumbsup: RYU stage music :crazy:

What a good conversion! :beer:, How many audio channels does it use?

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You mean Konami's VRC7? Isn't that a complete mapper with built-in audio functions? Are you sure something like that can be added to the game? :-\
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If that was how I sent the samples to (TI), only before I edited them by removing channels, pcm and converting them to FMT ;D
The subject that I was all day yesterday and today trying to learn to put sounds in the rom, I already walk with glasses hahaha but it is very difficult
I'm going to be thrown like this mario :laugh:

you're right it's not like my other tracks I'll see if I get another I have 6 audio channels and many effects if I remove them it sounds like a morse telegraph :'(

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:happy:In the bowels of stage chun lee :o


a doubt, it is very difficult to place and display the names of the fighters in the health bars
(and improve the colors of the health bar and victory symbol)

this project is great, the best there is now on "NES" ;)


You are very right! These are details that I have not corrected yet, it is easy to do I am going to look for the capcom originals, thank you very much for supporting this project :thumbsup:

still need to add the names of the fighters :thumbsup:

Xander max

Quote from: sics on October 31, 2020, 02:28:06 PM

Xander max

It looks great, I had a lot of problems with Chun-Li, on the other hand the selection cursor has white borders so it would be difficult to distinguish it if I used that same color for the background, although it is necessary to choose a uniform tonality:

Click to enlarge (Images with emulator filters)

Personally I like the result of the second image better, this is the result of combining our ideas :thumbsup:


On the other hand, I know it can be a bit annoying, but please use ".PNG" or ".GIF" if possible to share images, I am color blind and JPG compression causes sectors of the image that I literally cannot understand :'(

Note: I used an emulator filter, because I think most people will end up playing the game this way ;)

By the way, the distribution of countries makes sense for the Street Fighter world, I don't know much about geography, but at a glance I can see that Spain is located in the United Kingdom, China is in Mongolia, Brazil crushes Peru, etc, etc..

Edit: I hadn't noticed Vega, quick update :laugh:
The character selection screen looks great! Did you manage to place the extra blocks in Guile?
The animals on the map did not please me very much, I believe that Sebastian's idea of placing the flags is better.
I use google photos, it converts the hosted image to .jpg
I will also host on gdrive, however he does not accept to incorporate in sites.
I did some more tests with hair color, I found it even acceptable.

Sebastian's suggestion taking off a skin color gives a very satisfactory result.

Quote from: sebastianangel on October 31, 2020, 07:20:45 PM

:happy:In the bowels of stage chun lee :o
Very good Sebastian, are you going to use the background of some other game or are you creating from scratch?
You have to train more, you are being beaten by Chun-li :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Your suggestions and contributions are excellent, :thumbsup: the idea is to do the chun lee stage and indeed I am doing it from scratch :woot!:
hahaha if I leave chun lee on the canvas :laugh:

Xander max

Inspirations for alternative color palettes that the outfit has the same hair color.


Xander max
The truth was that I was already in the process of adding the new screen to the game, but I must admit that I do not agree with the inclusion of animals, at least not without flags.

Looking at it again, I think that if I scaled the map graphic a little, I could accommodate the flags with different colors to be able to assign other palettes to them, the problem is that as soon as I stopped needing the old files, I discarded them, so it would have to do with redraw the screen again to make it look good, I must think about it.

But at the moment it does not make sense to apply this screen in this way :laugh:

On the other hand, about its editing, although I think it is optimal, if I am honest I do not like the original design of RYU/KEN in this game so it is very difficult for me to give an objective opinion.

Finally, I really appreciate the detail of the links, but don't worry, I only have problems when I need to see a close-up image, in the browser I don't notice the difference :thumbsup:

At what point did this turn into a geography class? :laugh:

I already rebuilt the map and I am doing the first proofs of concept of the selection screen variation, but I ran into a problem, having never played Street Fighter I have no idea where locations reference some flags on the map so I need somebody help me with that to continue :thumbsup:

On the other hand, did anyone notice Bart's expression was modified? For that I used artificial intelligence, so many years of evolution to end up making memes :laugh:

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excellence of work a genius below the map and original flags :crazy:


That map is the same one I use, but it has more regions than the Hummer version so it is confusing, plus the Hummer version has an extra Thailand.

As far as possible I need you to link each region with its respective flag with arrows :thumbsup:
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If they are different due to the number of fighters and different fighters, the official version brings Honda from Japan, Balrog from the United States and Zangief from Russia and our version omits these fighters. ::)

Here are complete game data, history and places:

Xander max

Quote from: sebastianangel on October 09, 2020, 10:15:52 AM

What a fantastic image Sebastian! Congratulations!
Staying this way will already be an extraordinary advance in the Street Fighter game. :woot!: :woot!: :woot!:


Thank you very much friend that is the idea that I want to reach designing that stage sheet let's achieve something similar :woot!:

Xander max

A suggestion for implementation, when both players place the selection cursor on the same character, one disappears. In Super Street Fighter the model is different so that both appear when they overlap.


your contributions and suggestions are always fantastic, thanks for being and keeping this project alive! :thumbsup:


I just went blind, that thing blinks a lot to reposition it :laugh:

Now you just need to update your graphics :thumbsup:

Edit: Folks I'm officially sold out for today

The only problem is that with so much extra data, it may take me more space than I had calculated in the beginning, although it is still too early to know that  ::)
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It is a perfect job in my opinion! :thumbsup: I love raising the level of the 8bits and hopefully more geniuses will join us in the project that requires all possible participation so that the improvement is total! :woot!:


And now it's a reality :thumbsup:

Although in my opinion it is very overloaded and perhaps needs a modification is its palette ;)
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