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Author Topic: Detective Debut - PERSONA 5 Prequel Fan-game based off Pop Star Debut ROMHack  (Read 1114 times)


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As some of you already know, about a year ago I localized the Famicom game アイドル八犬伝 as Pop Star Debut. Since then, for whatever reason, I really wanted to do some fan-game ROMHack based off its engine. One of my ideas was to create a Persona 5 prequel following Akechi's story as a PSD ROMHack. Unfortunately and fortunately, I wasn't able to get very far. No matter what I tried, I just couldn't figure out how the game was structured. All I managed to do was optimize the text formatting to hold more text on-screen.

It was for the best, though, as I was able to create my full vision of what the game would be.

My associate Mareeta and I worked for about a month on this project called Detective Debut!

Detective Debut is a fan-game for Windows created in Game Maker Studio 1. It controls just the same as Pop Star Debut /IH, where the arrows keys act as a D-Pad, Space is the A Button, and Shift is the B Button. More information can be found in the readme.txt or the altered PSD manual parody included with the game.

Basically we made a visual novel structured like Pop Star Debut to tell the untold story of Akechi before the events of Persona 5. You play as Akechi as he uncovers the mysterious world of the Metaverse. Expanding upon the mechanics of Pop Star Debut are fight scenes where you have to defeat enemies before your HP drops to 0, and a new Checkpoint system in addition to passwords to save your progress as you play.

You can download Detective Debut here:

Also check out my trailer for it here:

I don't want to include too much information for fear of spoiling both this game and the actual Persona 5. Even if you've never played a Persona game before, you should still be able to enjoy this.

Also, you can some of the passwords from the original Pop Star Debut for some special bonuses! Oh, and I highly encourage you to upload your video playthrough with commentary if you can. Live reactions are something I'd love to see, as they're the most helpful feedback and just downright entertaining!


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