For a possible ROM hacking project: Ranking Star Fox 64 levels by difficulty

Started by ShiftyBenjamin, October 02, 2020, 12:23:20 PM

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Hello everyone, I'm considering doing a ROM hacking project but don't really have anything to show for it yet. It would help me to know how most people would rank all the levels of Star Fox 64 by difficulty. This seems like more of a general gaming question anyway so I thought I'd post the poll here:



It has been way too long since I played this game, probably did not know the level names even then, and in many ways I am far better at games today than I was back then (or at least I think about defeating them far more systematically).
I would also place decent money on me not being the only one in such a position as it is not really a game people go back and play or have copies ported out for/emulated on newer devices.

That said while there is value in asking for a difficulty ranking using someone's own subjective judgement I do usually find a "what makes a difficult level" discussion a more illuminating one if you are seeking a basis for changes, even if fraught with difficulty (see all the things like sounds of guns , DOTA/MOBA we need last hit and all the other stupid mechanics that players claimed they wanted, the Tribes sequels, we want faster horses (even if it is dubious) and all the other things like that) and also coloured by most people answering the question being some flavour of expert.


Hi guys, I don't know anything about programming but I thought about an increase in the game's difficulty, I think just putting more life to the bosses and decreasing the laser damage and increasing the damage that is taken. the game would have a higher difficulty. Does anyone have an idea of a tool to use? I would like to put this difficulty in the game, I'm a Brazilian player and I'm working on this game to make it dubbed into my language but I wanted it to be more challenging than the expert mode.


Don't bump two year old threads.

As to how to that, look at emulator cheat search methods to find relevant memory addresses and then use Debugging options to find code that alters those memory addresses.
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