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[Testing/Design] TileShop graphics editor

Started by Klarth, September 25, 2020, 06:37:32 PM

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TileShop is a tile and pixel-based graphics editor aimed at replacing TM, CrystalTile, and Feidian while also providing project-style management to retain and share knowledge. I'm looking for help from the community for the following roles:

1. General Testing: Someone who is willing to spend time finding uncompressed sprites, arranging them, finding palettes, applying them to sprites, and giving feedback on the process similar to what I've done for part of Final Fantasy 2 (US) in the example project files. The tester must be running Windows since TileShop is a Windows program.

2. Graphics/Palette Examples: I need examples of difficult to handle (uncompressed) graphics with the game name and location. I also want TileShop to support many more palette formats, but it is time-consuming to find these from scratch. I am especially looking for straightforward and difficult graphics/palette pairings for NES, GBA, and Genesis but the more systems, the better. Lots of examples help ensure my design will be generalized enough to support all systems without many design rewrites.

3. Feedback design on codec system: I want to support more complex graphics. I can do this by adding subtiles to the existing XML codec format, by expecting users to write C# plugins instead, or I can add support for Feidian-like patterns for fixed size tiles.

4. Plugin Support: I want ideas on the most relevant use cases for file plugins. The plugin I had trialed previously searched for TIM files and automatically created arrangers with proper palettes. That will be reimplemented when the plugin system returns. I am looking for similar ideas, but I'm not sure if scenarios like loading savestates are worth the effort. Obviously, they could still be created by the community but I need to prioritize my own development time.

I can be contacted inside of this thread, PM, email, or on the RHDN Discord as Klarth#1705. Thanks.