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Author Topic: Best solution for attaching "Multiple Games" submissions to their specific games  (Read 345 times)


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(posting here since it seems like the next best place now that the Site Talk section is no longer available)

One of the required fields when submitting a file (document/utility/translation/hack) is the Game field, which indicates what game the submitted file applies to. One of the available games is the "Multiple Games" game, which seems appropriate in the case of submissions that apply to multiple games. The downside, however, is that files for the "Multiple Games" game do not appear on the game page for the specific games they apply to and are instead relegated to the "Multiple Games" game page, making them much less likely to be found by people looking for files related to a specific game.

For a specific example, consider Dragon Warrior X Overworld Editor, which applies to Dragon Warrior II, Dragon Warrior III, and Dragon Warrior IV, but does not appear on the pages for any of those games (and which I didn't even know existed until a couple of hours ago despite having worked on all three games somewhat extensively over the past few years).

When submitting a file that applies to multiple specific games, what's the best way to ensure the file appears on each game's page? Submitting the same file separately for each game would likely work but feels like the wrong thing to do.