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Sprite Attribute Help (TMNT1 NES)

Started by guitarpalooz, September 17, 2020, 05:11:45 PM

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Hello, I'm working on some sprite changes for a hack I'm working on and I'm trying to figure out if I should be looking in the sprite attribute data or do I need to hunt elsewhere (and if so, any ideas).  The sprite attribute data is generally stored as (y, tile, orientation/palette, x), but there's other stuff mixed in there I don't have the experience to make sense of.

1.  The chainsaw enemy's chainsaw doesn't actually hurt you.  I've been able to find solidity data for the background tiles, but not anything similar for sprites.  Is this part of the attribute data? ($965F, B8)

2.  The rock enemy I've been able to make all the same palette using the attributes, but when he hunches down and becomes pass-through and unhittable, he always changes from palette 01 to palette 02 (EDIT:  Solved, used the trace logger to find where in the game code it was specifically loading palette 02 when he went to background)

3.  The hedgehog enemy has an unused leg sprite for jumping, and I've even found the attribute data for it along with his other sprites, but when he jumps in game he maintains his standing sprite ($A0CC, C8)

4.  The dinobot constantly switches between his standing and jump sprites, and I'd like to separate it so standing is standing and jumping is jumping ($A258, C2)