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Final Fantasy - Prestige Edition

Started by Ectothermia, September 16, 2020, 02:55:00 PM

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I'm currently working on a webapp patching system called Final Fantasy - Prestige Edition that will add a wider variety of prestige classes to the game. For those of you who have played Final Fantasy 11, the concept is somewhat inspired from that game in that each class will be able to choose a prestige class that represents their multiclassing into another class. For example, using the Black Mage class:

  • If you want them to be a bit sturdier, you may have them multiclass into Fighter to become a War Mage, with significantly better armor selection but inferior intelligence and spell selection.
  • If you want them to be a raw damage spellcaster, you may have them multiclass into Red Mage to become a Hexmaker, with superior intelligence and full access to black magic.
  • If you want them to dabble in healing arts, you may have them multiclass into White Mage to become a Necromancer, with average spellcasting stats but access to the LIFE, LIF2, and HARM line of spells.
  • If you want them to get swole, you may have them multiclass into Black Belt to become a Poison Fist, with greater hit points and the ability to fight unarmed but with limited spells-per-day.
  • If you want them to focus on their ability to use a knife, you may have them multiclass into Thief to become an Assassin, which greatly increases their hit % and agility per level.

I've been working through this project over the course of the last two months, taking on a tech stack that's very new to me but I think I'll be able to share something soon. The initial alpha release will have six classes:

  • FI/BB, Gladiator: a well armored fighter who is capable of fighting without weapons, preferring a shield and his fists. Gains unarmed attack bonuses but not unarmored defense, and does not get access to any new weapons when promoting.
  • BB/BM, Master of Dim Mak: a corrupted monk who has sacrificed physical wellbeing in favor of the forbidden ways of unarmed combat, specializing in deadly instant death techniques.
  • WM/TH, Combat Medic: a lightly armored but swift knife wielder who can dice up enemies and heal allies with a trusty scalpel.
  • TH/RM, Bard: a street wise charmer who has set aside combat prowess to focus on powerful full party buffs and the enchanted musical instruments he'll find on his adventures.
  • RM/FI, Spellblade: a dilettante who has found more efficiency in sword and shield than study and spell, gaining access to higher strength and powerful equipment in exchange for limited spell and intelligence progression.
  • BM/WM, Necromancer: a mage who has studied the occult arts of revival, supplementing his ability to destroy enemies with the ability to raise allies from the dead nearly at will.

Alpha release features will include:

  • The 6 aforementioned prestige classes, each with new sprites, unique stat progressions/spell lists/equipment lists, and customized end game weapons, armor, and spells for each class
  • Custom maximum spells-per-day per spell level for each class instead of the hard coded caps of 4 for KN and NI and 9 for mages. This allows for coding of things such as an RM having a cap of 4 spells per day per spell level, and while the RM/FI class only upgrades to 5, the RM/BM upgrades to 8. This emphasizes the former's focus on equipment/melee and the latter's on spellcasting.
  • Unarmed attack and unarmored defense split into two separate perks
  • Several new options on when class promotion occurs: Vanilla, Promote Upon Reviving Elf Prince, Promote Upon Rescuing Princess Corneria
  • Sped up game pace with faster screen transitions, dash button, and in battle character animations
  • Variety of pre-applied community bug fixes and enhancements, such as INT for magic, weapon crit/element bugs, buy 10, and more

The future state of this app will have 25 prestige classes to choose from (5 for each starting class), and more distinguishing features between them. Some features being considered are:

  • Roleplaying stats that affect things such as exp gain, gold drops, item cost, potion effectiveness, tile/poison damage, and enemy morale
  • Further customized spellcasting with unique effects not found in the original game
  • Class innate element and status resistances

I will be using this thread to share development updates and may also ask for feedback and advice from seasoned vets of FF1. While I've played the game quite a few times, I don't have a full insight to the impact of some of the design decisions I might be making. I hope I can create something the community will enjoy :)

Party creation

New animations and sprites

Examples of end game gear, featuring the Spellblade's end game weapon, armor, and spell. Every class will have one of each!

Spellblade's end game sword, Joyeuse- slightly weaker than Excalibur, with slightly better hit rate and enchanted with Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Earth damage.

Spellblade's end game armor, Blood Scale Mail. Not quite as sturdy as Dragon Mail, but a little lighter and still has some elemental resistances.

Phalanx, the Spellblade's end game spell. It's a very potent self-target defense boost.

Trying out some of Necromancer's new spell access

Necromancer's end game spell, DUST, which does very heavy single target damage to undead.

The patching website, which is currently in progress and probably won't ever be a looker with my web design skills :P

September 22, 2020, 10:09:38 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Got side tracked a bit but the initial version of the app is up and running! I can't promise it's going to be perfect but I think it's in a playable state. Class balance and all that fun stuff might be a bit out of whack. If there's any bugs or anything really egregious that needs addressing, please let me know.

Patch Notes
9.22.20 - v36

Combat, dialog, and screen transitions are sped up. Dash using the B button.
Variety of community bug fixes and patches implemented.
Option to change class promotion to occur either at waking up the Elf Prince or having the King build the bridge

FIGHTER's hits per level has been reduced to 2 from 3.
FIGHTER's magic defense per level has been reduced to 2 from 3.
FIGHTER's starting STR has been reduced from 20 to 15.
FIGHTER's starting AGI has been increased from 5 to 10.

THIEF's hits per level have been increased from 2 to 3.

BL.BELT's starting HP has been increased from 33 to 45.
BL.BELT's magic defense per level has been reduced to 1 from 4.

RedMAGE maximum spells per day per spell level reduced to 4 from 9.
RedMAGE magic defense per level is increased to 3 from 2.

The following spells were removed from the RedMAGE spell list:

Wh.MAGE magic defense per level is increased to 4 from 2.
Wh.MAGE maximum spells per day per spell level reduced to 6 from 9.

The following spells were removed from the Wh.MAGE spell list:

Bl.MAGE magic defense per level is increased to 3 from 2.
Bl.MAGE maximum spells per day per spell level reduced to 6 from 9.

The following spells were removed from the Bl.MAGE spell list:

The Power Staff has been replaced with the Mage Masher dagger.

The following weapons were removed to replace with class specific end game weapons:
Sun Sword
Wizard Staff

The following armor was removed to replace with class specific end game armor:
White Robe
Power Gauntlets
Opal Bracelet
Aegis Shield

The following spells were removed to replace with class specific end game spells:

Known bugs:

- If you have two identical classes in your party, their ultimate weapon/armor/spell is exclusive to a specific character and cannot be equipped by one another.
- Certain ultimate weapons/armors are not equippable at all and only exist to be used as items. This is not a bug but may appear to be. This includes the Net, D.Focus, and E.Harp