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Building Leaked Source Code?

Started by MarchHare, September 05, 2020, 03:28:16 PM

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Has anyone had any luck building anything from the recently leaked gigaleaks source code?

I've successfully built Star Fox, but Starfox 2 is giving me some issues. IF anyone has built SF2, I'd love to hear from you.

I also noticed LttP sources. I haven't tried to build this yet.

(Note: This thread is intended to compare notes and help people get things building if they want to, not to share the leaked source. I don't want anyone getting shut down over it)


Yeah, I realised the tools were all in it. I successfully built Starfox 1, in particular after recovering a missing file that didn't get included with the dump.

Starfox 2 seems to have some issues in the macros involving public symbols or including files or something. I'm wondering if anyone has figured out what's causing the problem.

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Where's the discord invite? Not so long ago, I would have been using IRC.


I figured out how to fix the issue, but I still don't understand why the problem itself was happening. I'm guessing it might be an assembler bug.


Could you please type the steps to build Star Fox 1? thanks


Quote from: Marcelo_20XX on January 20, 2021, 02:04:33 AM
Could you please type the steps to build Star Fox 1? thanks

FCand Chill Today at 1:19 PM
@LuigiBlood What program did you use to compile the code?

LuigiBlood Today at 1:19 PM
the ones from Star Fox 2
turns out it has the old compilers too for Star Fox 1 & this

FCand Chill Today at 1:19 PM
Do you have the file path?

LuigiBlood Today at 1:19 PM
Literally in BIN folder in Star Fox 2 source

FCand Chill Today at 1:20 PM
COMP16.EXE ? (edited)

LuigiBlood Today at 1:20 PM
but really just take the whole BIN folder
and put it in PATH variable (edited)
it also needs MAKE which is also in it (edited)
You can also sorta build StarFox with this
but there's a bit of a problem with Bank 5
I had to use ARGSFXX from ARGSF140 just for that bank
and then it works

FCand Chill Today at 1:23 PM
Is it okay to take a screen shot of this convo and paste it in TCRF? The compile instructions that is.

LuigiBlood Today at 1:23 PM

FYI there are tools to extract text from images, I used this one.


Thank you for the reply, did you successfully compiled Star Fox? there is an error about a missing file. I read the replies above but I don't know from where to extract this missing file