Help with Converting Japanese into (Usable) English (SNES)

Started by AmbiguouslyAnonymous, September 04, 2020, 05:12:01 AM

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(Hopefully I'm posting in the right place, as this is my first post here!)

So, I've been following different guides/tutorials on here to learn more Hex Editing and whatnot (I've been using WindHex), and I even made a table complete with some control codes so text is actually legible now, but I realized that I'm not quite sure how to go about making the text actually display properly in English.

See, the Japanese font looks like this:

And if I'm not wrong, 4 sprites are combined here to make a single 2x2 sized character in-game, but I want my English font to be displayed as 2 sprites joined into 1x2 sized letters, like so:

I don't plan to leave things so crudely drawn, obviously...

With no further editing the text is obviously a jumbled mess in-game

So, my question is, how should I go about approaching this? I have BSNES for debugging purposes but I'm not too experienced with it yet, unfortunately, so I'm not quite sure what I should be looking for.

Thank you in advance to anyone who replies!

P.S. Sorry if a similar question has already been asked but I couldn't seem to find anything on this particular issue


Adjust the viewing settings in your tile viewer, assuming you're using a dedicated one.
For example, I think from the way the characters are overlapping in different colors you're using the wrong codec. If that's 4bpp, then maybe drop down to 2bpp. Depending on the viewer, you may be able to reduce the number of columns or change the block dimensions in Tile Molester to get the pieces together, but I can't tell what settings you'd use from here.


Wow, thank you so much! That was an embarrassingly simple fix, now the text is no longer jumbled! I've been using YY-Char, and I assumed that it automatically set the graphic format to the proper one I needed when I loaded a ROM. In hindsight, I probably should've messed with its settings a bit more.

The only issue remaining is that the Japanese font was composed of 2x2 tile sprites, while my new English one is half that width. I suspect there's a byte I can change somewhere to fix that, though.