TMNT: Return to New York (NES) Updated (v1.81)

Started by guitarpalooz, September 02, 2020, 06:08:13 PM

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Prince Valmont

Quote from: Uberdubie on January 11, 2023, 02:09:12 AMMine matches the correct version, and I can confirm it works perfectly on my mini via RetroArch without any additional cores needed (just default RetroArch nes emulation).  So if you have the right version and it's all-systems-go on my end, there's no reason it shouldn't work for you.  If you tested to make sure it's not a bad rom, it's still most likely something with your classic/mini not installed/configured correctly.  Sometimes it's something as goofy as the command line not typed right, or some random setting in RetroArch accidently disables functionality.

Regardless, it should work perfectly with your setup and isn't a problem with the hack.

Do you mind if I ask you to paste your command line entry for this game in Hakchi? Perhaps if I can clone your setup I can finally see some improvement.

Attached is my setup for this game under the NES (USA/Europe) format using the following command line argument:
/bin/fceumm /var/games/CLV-H-PKDTD/TMNT_-_Return_to_New_York1.81-b.nes.7z

If you notice, there doesn't seem to be an option to select "RetroArch" as a core by itself. I still have to end up selecting a core for RetroArch.


Quote from: guitarpalooz on September 12, 2020, 12:15:58 PMSorry to double post.  I've been working on new sprites for the game and would appreciate feedback, as I've not done much spriting work before.

I'd also appreciate some suggestions for the remaining enemies.  Here's what I was leaning towards:
-Dinosaur robot: Foot Elite
-Frog:  Green foot with a whip
-Hedgehog/Firefreak/stone guy:  Earth, Fire, and water Foot Mystics
-Sentry in level 6:  Need to fix propeller, might make it a searchlight since it already has wings
-Boulder bird from level 5: ???
-Roof leaper from lvl 1-2: Some kind of drone copter that drops down on you
-Fleakid from lvl 3: Blade from TMNT 2
-Jellyfish from level 5: ???
-Wall Crawler from level 5: ???

Once these are done, there will likely be another long hiatus as i learn how to make unique miniboss fights

Thanks for the help!
i hope more unknown enemies will be replaced as enemies from the tmnt 1987 seasons i hope casey can be playabe soon and add slash as a new enemy to replace unknown bosses