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Playstation Now

Started by Sliver X, September 02, 2020, 05:19:05 PM

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Sliver X

So I found out this exists for PC and not just PS4 the other day and signed up for a week trial.

It has a fairly big selection of games, but the thing to keep in mind is they are all streamed 100% from a dataserver cluster somewhere. I have a fairly crappy internet connection (50Mb/5Mb cable in a rural part of the US) but am surprised at how minor input lag is even in FPS games, though.

I mainly wanted to try it for a handful of PS3 games I always wanted to play, but never enough to justify actually buying a console (Red Dead Redemption and The Last of Us, both of which are on PS Now). I'm really torn about it, though: Streaming will eventually be a way to completely seize control of programs and that's really bad for preservation. It will also be the death knell for modding or ownership of software in general.

On the other hand, I'm surprised at how minimal the PS Now client is so far as digging hooks in the OS: I'd much rather play Doom 2016 online via it than having to put Bethesda's horseshit launcher on my system. And even though RCPS3 is making great strides it's going to be years before emulating the PS3 is really feasible for general playing.


It's available on PC?  Probably would've never known that if you didn't post this.  There are some PS3 games I've also wanted to play and just didn't have the chance to.

PS Now let's you download the game to a PS4 console, to be played offline, so hopefully something like that will be added to PC.  Maybe a platform like Steam?  Makes me wonder if Nintendo will ever release their games on PC...  Probably not!  Ha ha.

I do agree with what you said about streaming games, though.  Not a fan of streaming anything, because there are too many things that can affect play-ability, and the whole concept is expensive/temporary.  Being able to download the titles would be a step in the right direction.


It also available on PC.
I know this because a friend of mine doesnt have a Playstation but wanted to play God of war. So he found out that the service is also available on PC. But you just stream the games. Theres no downloading. So it heavily depends on your internet connection.

I tested it on the PS4 itself and i got a 7 days free trial. Dont know if there is something on PC but its nice to play triple A title that dont release on other plattforms. But the collection there is still small.